Evidence was a big factor

One of the things that was and has always been super hard for me is to accept just about anything that doesn’t have some type of scientific evidence to support it. I have never been one to believe in superstitions or really even “angels” or things of that sort. I wanted cold, hard proof that something existed before I could believe in it. There were some exceptions, I did halfheartedly believe in ghosts. I have thought that the moon cycles do tend to have some impact on people’s behavior but not much more than that.

My upbringing mirrored that and even my religious beliefs were seriously lacking. As a child we were forced to go to Sunday School and church, which I despised mainly because I felt uneducated so embarrassment in the class was a problem for me. My mother was a member of the Methodist church but my siblings and I were not baptized as children. This may have played a big role in my lack of believing in things that couldn’t be proven. As a teenager the idea occult and psychic abilities intrigued me though, which doesn’t seem to fit.

I never really got into dark things of any type, no scary movies or very few, no witch-y type things at all. I was just fascinated by the idea of someone being psychic whether it was mind reading or clairvoyance or telepathy, etc. I did do some reading into that as a teenager but it didn’t go far.

Now, after my daughter passed and I was on this mission to communicate with her, doing all this reading and listening to the binaural beats, I found it very interesting that vibrations and frequencies were being brought up in these articles and books. That was something that made sense to me, something that I could really get behind. Maybe it was because my dad had actually made stereo radios when he was younger. He worked at VM, which was a manufacturer of such. He had also been a television repairman while in high school so electronics in general interested him as they do me with computers.

If I could just change my thought processes and levels of consciousness by listening to different sounds, different frequencies, maybe that was key to communicate with my daughter. It gave me hope in a different way than what I had before. I had listened to a few guided meditations from YouTube but didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere with them.

I started looking into the different frequencies of binaurals and meditation sounds. Here’s a few that I like and still listen to often:

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