Early years

Back when I was a teenager I had an interest in learning how to use psychic abilities. I had bought a few books, one of which was called Psychic Telemetry by Robert Ferguson. I had read that book a few different times over the years and I still have it, referring to it occasionally. It seemed like a positive way to manifest things in life that I wanted to happen although I didn’t “believe” in it as much as maybe I could or should have. I also had a few books about self hypnosis and out of body experiences that I attempted but didn’t get very far with.

Back in those times I was not open at all about having this interest since people were not so open about awakening, enlightenment, psychic abilities, etc. You were viewed as weird or “off” by others so just a few of my close friends knew that I was into that sort of thing. As I now know, that was just the ego rearing its ugly head. Once you are free from the ego it does not matter what others think as we are all on our own journey.

It seemed as though I got to a certain point with the information and then “life” got in the way. I started to create time and go live out the things that I wanted and had manifested for myself. I got married, had a child, worked, etc. It wasn’t until years later when my daughter passed on that I really started getting back into these things.


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