Brainwashing and Relearning

As the presidential election was coming things really seemed to be coming to light for me. I just kept thinking, is this real? Is Donald Trump really going to run for president? As things progressed it seemed to get worse and I began to seriously wonder if I was in some kind of “Twilight Zone”. It just seemed as though it wasn’t real. How could the people of this country, and world for that matter, go along with this ridiculousness? I’m still blown away if I catch a bit of the news about the current president.

This was a big realization for me and I think was a huge eye opener as to how things just aren’t what I thought they were. I would catch myself thinking, how can we seriously be living in this craziness? It was the beginning of my unlearning process. This is something that takes a lot of time as I am still working on it. There are just so many things that we are taught through our parents, school, all the forms of media, that are outright false. The government and media have specific agendas which they instill in us from very early on in order to conform to their greediness and ego based society. It is all part of the big lie that we agreed to take part in. I think most people wake up to this with age but not all. Some remain in the ego traps for their entire lives.

In the older generations, especially where they were taught to listen to the authorities, teachers, elders, parents without questioning anything, I think they have a much harder time seeing through all the lies. It is most certainly a big pill to swallow, too big for some. I only hope that they too can find peace on the earth before their physical body is destroyed.

I was already getting very tired of what I was seeing and hearing on the TV, radio, internet, etc. so it really wasn’t THAT hard for me to give those things up. When you fully understand that every single thing that we think about is carried out in our lives it makes complete sense to turn off all the inputs.

Everything I was reading and learning was telling me that controlling my thoughts was key. In order to control my thoughts I needed to get rid of all the “junk” that was being put in there daily. I turned off the TV and radio and only watched my own Facebook wall, I wasn’t even watching the news feed for about a week. I would listen to music but the majority of that was off the internet, so not very many ads at all. I was still listening to the binaural beats during my sleep time also.

After doing that, it became very clear to me how absolutely absurd things are, it is laughable. When you get to this point, you will completely understand what I am saying. I was able to make a direct connection from my thoughts to what I was seeing in my daily life. It was so strange and yet it seemed vaguely familiar. I caught myself thinking quite a few times, how can we all be so engrossed in our worries and “junk” thoughts that we can’t really see how this all works?

Everything really is connected. Everything that we have in our lives is manifested by us in some way. We just don’t see it because our minds are so full of all that “junk”. This was a huge realization for me and a turning point, really. When you shut off the outside world and concentrate on finding that quiet space in your mind, things really do get much clearer. This was the beginning of the major loneliness stage, which I still find myself at times.

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