Life’s Purpose

As a gift I received a book from my daughter that would really have a huge impact on me. My depression was in full force. It was getting harder and harder to get out of bed each day. I was at a point where I was rarely leaving the house anymore. I had some health issues to go along with it but was in major denial, which was a normal thing for me by this time. The book was exactly what I needed.

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My daughter had asked me to watch this movie. She had viewed it and was intrigued with the ideas contained therein. My daughter at that time I believe was just really starting her own spiritual journey. The first time I watched the movie I really took it with a grain a salt. Some of it seemed reasonable and other parts not so much. Either way it was interesting and it began to open my mind up to new ideas.

Early years

Back when I was a teenager I had an interest in learning how to use psychic abilities. I had bought a few books, one of which was called Psychic Telemetry by Robert Ferguson. I had read that book a few different times over the years and I still have it, referring to it occasionally. It seemed like a positive way to manifest things in life that I wanted to happen although I didn’t “believe” in it as much as maybe I could or should have. I also had a few books about self hypnosis and out of body experiences that I attempted but didn’t get very far with.

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The Journey

In the search for truth there has been an overwhelming amount of information that is out there. In an effort to organize it and help others this website was created. There is definitely more to life than most of us believe. Perhaps this site will help others to find their truth also.